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2020 Virtual Wag-A-Thon!

Updated: May 20

(Due to the covid-19)

Paw Pals Virtual 20th Annual Wag-A-Thon

To see the virtual video please visit the paw pawls Facebook video.

We are sorry to share the news that our 20th Annual Wag-A-Thon had to be cancelled, due to Covid-19 restrictions. We will attempt to hold a "virtual" event, with a series of posts leading up to the originally scheduled day, along with a slideshow of "participants", which will be posted on Saturday, May 16. We will also share a list of sponsors and donors and some photos from previous Wag-A-Thons over the next week.

The time to sponsor has passed, but we are still accepting donations, and you can participate with your pet for the same $10 fee that you would have paid at the event. We know it won't be as nice as the actual gathering of people and pets that we've come to love, but we would still like to see shelter alumni and others, and your donation will help us provide for the shelter dogs and cats needs throughout the year. Our Wag-A-Thon is our biggest fundraiser, and is crucial in making sure our furry friends at the shelter get the vet care, meds, and any other supplies needed to keep them healthy and happy while they wait for their forever homes. Won't you please help us?

Please send a $10 or more donation to our PayPal link http://bit.ly/Wag-A-Thon-2020 for each pet you'd like to have participate in this year's Wag-A-Thon. There should be a place for you to leave a note with the donation so we know what pets it's for. Email a picture of your pet(s), along with info about them and your name, to pawpalsofcc@gmail.com. Please be patient with us as we attempt something we haven't done before. We're not sure how it will turn out, but really look forward to hearing from everyone and seeing their favorite pets, who might have joined us if our event could have been held this year. It will also give everyone a chance to make it who might not have been able to otherwise.

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