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Adoption Stories

"I adopted Shy and Checkers in October. Shy (now known as Mo- all black) and Checkers (now known as Clark- grey tiger) are beyond amazing. We had never had a cat before... But, we couldn't love these little fellas any more. They are so fun to watch; so full of energy and spunk! But, they are such big, ol snugglers. Thank you Paw Pals and Clinton County Humane Society for giving us Mo and Clark”

"Mia seems to have no issues. She is happy go lucky, house trained, sleeps all night, loves kids and dogs! She is great on a leash and has been learning sit. She is really an affectionate dog and LOVES to give kisses when she wakes up and is ready to go out. So sweet!"

Freddie was adopted 3 years ago and still loves his family as much as they love him! This makes our hearts happy! Thanks so much for adopting, Graff family! He looks cozy!

Jasper has been with his new family 2 weeks today! He is a very loved little guy! Thanks so much for adopting, Amanda!

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.”

Hippolyte Taine

Odin here spent the last few weeks bonding with his family to be sure it was a good match for him AND them! And guess what? It was! Odin is officially a family member!

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